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Some of our Top Specialties

 depression and anxiety

womens and mens issues
65 and older adults
negative body image
low self-esteem
self-harm and suicidal ideation
marriage and couples
high-conflict couples
same-sex couples
LGBTQ+, gender identity issues
premarital counseling
parent-child issues
single parent issues
parenting adult children


 blended families
military families
trauma and PTSD
postpartum women 
children and teenagers
defiance and behavioral issues
obsessive compulsive tendencies
Autism Spectrum Disorder
domestic violence 
anger management
substance abuse
grief and loss
career counseling

Argenta Counseling North Little Rock, Arkansas





I love helping women and couples create a better future, understand and regulate their emotions, and make better lifestyle choices. 


I help couples and adult individuals to find the strength to follow their heart's calling.


I love helping people overcome their struggles and strive to put all clients at ease when it comes to talking about life's difficulties!

Sarah Bradberry


I work with adults of all ages on their journey to a healthier life! I specialize in mood disorders and LGBTQ+ issues. 

Tayler Brickell


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LPC, RYT 200

I help adults and teens find clarity when feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, lost, and uncertain. I work with them to develop and practice self compassion by creating healthy internal dialogues.

K. Renee' DeLapp


I enjoy working with women of all ages, LGBTQ+ individuals and families, and people living in rural communities.  My non-judgmental perspective facilitates open dialogue and helps clients get to the heart of their concerns.

Eric Dillinger


Substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and miscommunication can happen. If you are a teen, couple, or an adult, let’s talk about it.


I coach adults, couples, and families to address large and small trauma wounds from the past in order to reclaim control over their lives. 


I assist teens and adults in moving from where they are,to where they want to be. We will work together to find the tools that are most effective for you and  implement them.

Franklin Jones


Individuals of all ages, don't hesitate working on yourself.  Handle it!  Don't play with it!

Montoyia Key


I work to employ a collaborative approach while working with children and adults; as well as couples.I focus on empowering, healing and growth in a healthy environment

Melissa Kyle


I am passionate in my work with children, teens, and adults, and help them to identify their strengths so that they can overcome barriers in their lives. 

Kate McCalman


I am passionate about listening and helping adults navigate trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, and relationships. I am motivated to share new perspectives, assist in uncovering strengths, and teach skills for a healthier life.


I help adults and couples who feel lost find their way over walls and through the darkness.  Let me guide you; all you need to do is reach up and grab my hand. 

Tiara Mellon


I enjoy working with children, teens, adults, and couples who desire to feel safe and understood as they work through life’s challenges. I believe in healing and getting back up no matter what life brings.

Charis Mian


I help adolescents, adults, families and couples make healing changes where they can move forward in their lives and experience happiness again. 


I work with adults, teens and adolescents to discover the strength within themselves to overcome anxiety and depression.

Monique Randle


I love helping adolescents, adults, couples, families, and the LGBTQ+ community. 


I help teens, adults, and couples unpack and untangle their difficult thoughts and feelings, so they can reclaim their happiness and start to thrive.


I work with children, adolescents, adults and seniors experiencing a variety of challenges, helping them live their most fulfilling life, discover their strengths, and overcome obstacles.


I welcome individuals 10+ and couples of all sexual orientations, gender identities, levels of romantic/sexual interest, and relational dynamics.


I help individuals, couples and families identify old ways of relating that no longer work while building on their strengths to create relationships that allow them to be seen, heard and understood.

Mary Kate Thompson

Graduate Intern

I help children, teens, and adults navigate difficult feelings of depression and anxiety by recognizing their unique strengths and empowering them to live authentic lives.

Chloe' Walters

Graduate Intern

I love working with school-aged children and adults! I love getting to know them and creating a safe haven for them to discuss whatever is on their minds! 

Katherine Wingfield

Graduate Intern

I work with teens and adults as they navigate difficult transitions, work towards greater connection in relationship to self and others.

Melissa Johnson

Billing & Marketing Specialist

I love helping people, always willing to go above and beyond.  I work closely with clients, helping them with insurance billing, offsite referrals and other specific needs.

Crystal Jones

Office Manager & Scheduling 

I am passionate about meeting people where they are! I work with individuals, parents, couples, and healthcare professionals to match clients with a therapist that meets their needs for specialized therapy services.

Chakiah Wallace

Scheduling Assistant

I provide a listening and attentive ear as I approach each person, couple, and family with compassion and empathy while pairing them with a therapist to meet their needs and preferences. 


I love helping teens, adults and couples get unstuck. I welcome rough edges, embarrassing mistakes, relationship drama, or shameful experiences in the process.  

Fax: 501-379-9791

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