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Casey Myers


Casey is very open with her approach to therapy. She enjoys helping people find the "happiness within" themselves. "If you love yourself you will see love from others" is Casey's philosophy. Casey enjoys working with people to develop a healthy self-image and to have strong personal boundaries and to learn how to communicate effectively with others. This will help your life be more structured and complete. Then happiness abounds!

Casey worked for child welfare for 24 years and went to graduate school at age 50 at John Brown University and attained a MA in Clinical Mental Health and Marriage and Family Therapy. She uses a range of highly effective, evidence-based counseling approaches in her practice including but not limited to polyvagal exercises, EMDR, CBT, DBT Solution-Focused and Mindfulness practices. She has a specialization in Technology Assisted Counseling which allows her to provide counseling over video, phone, or email.

Casey is a very artistic and spiritual person who has many interests. She is very involved in community theater and paranormal research and combines them at the Rialto Theater in Morrilton. You may have seen her on an episode of "Kindred Spirits" on Discovery Plus called "Death Alley" where she was featured with the theater where a ghost investigation was conducted. Casey is an actor, director, producer and costumer at the theater and conducts regular ghost hunts and tours there as well. She is also a member of 2 paranormal research groups in Arkansas and goes throughout the country on research investigations. In her downtime, she likes to sit by the lake she lives by with her rescue dogs enjoying a good book.

Casey Myers
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