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Demetra Thompson


Demetra is passionate about providing a collaborative and trusting therapeutic partnership with people to assist them in recognizing their own strengths, self-worth, and resilience to promote growth and positive changes. She is a firm believer in meeting you where you are. She enjoys working with adults to address a wide variety of emotional and behavioral challenges that people face in their lives that may be difficult to address alone. Demetra seeks to create a comfortable, safe, and nonjudgmental space for all individuals and help them feel supported and respected during this experience.

Demetra is proud to have received her MS in Mental Health Counseling at the University of Central Arkansas. She has received education and training in Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and person-centered strategies that she uses as her core methodology to treat and manage depression, anxiety, relational issues, as well as build skills to improve personal boundaries, self-esteem, and coping abilities.

In her spare time, Demetra enjoys reading, journaling, dancing, and spending time with her cats.


Demetra Thompson
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